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µTorrent is the number one Android torrents downloader in the Google Play Store with over 100 million downloads. µTorrent provides an easy way for you to get your favorite music, movies, and video files from all around! It also tells us how it can help split a file into many parts that are faster than just downloading one large piece of data- this will make sure there’s always plenty going on so we don’t have any waiting times when things might otherwise stop functioning properly during peak usage periods such as evenings or weekends.

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A safe and instant way to download content

µTorrent is the official BitTorrent android torrent downloader. Enjoy downloading at breakneck speeds with no size or speed limits when you need to get something fast, light, and powerful! We developed µTorrent for your mobile needs because there are certain things that can only be done on the go – like downloading illegal movies from The Pirate Bay (I mean come on who wants their credit card hacked!).

High-quality Content

The µTorrent app is a one-stop shop for all of your downloading needs. Streamline the process of sharing files, torrents, and other content with ease from your phone or tablet – no download speed limits!

Plus there’s never been an easier way to find high-quality music videos in any language as well as movies available on µTorrent so you can enjoy them quickly without pesky advertisements popping up every couple of seconds during playback like some low budget YouTube ripoff does.

Easy download and minimized storage footprint

Have you ever downloaded a torrent and found that it’s impossible to play all the files in one go? If so, know this – there is an easy way around! All music or video downloaders should take advantage of downloading on WiFi-only mode whenever possible. This will minimize your storage footprint by limiting what goes into a local cache for faster speeds while avoiding costly data charges if mobile network availability isn’t available at time of need (this might include when commuting).

Instant downloads and much more!

Downloading torrents and magnet links is easier than ever with the new downloader app. This handy tool can do everything from downloading one file to entire libraries of content for you in minutes! 

You’ll have access to Wi-Fi-only mode so that mobile data costs don’t add up while saving on transfer speeds. You decide where downloads should go once they’re complete – whether it’s your phone storage or external HDD (writeable). There’s also an option between deleting individual files/torrents* versus just removing them altogether.


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