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Description Warp is the best way to protect your online privacy and security, by disconnecting from a vulnerable Wi-Fi hotspot or cellular provider’s network before connecting back through our proprietary protocol that replaces insecure connections with an optimized one!

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Greater security

1. 1 . 1 with WARP protects your phone from a wide range of threats like malware, phishing, and crypto mining to ensure you stay safe online without compromising on speed or features!

One-Touch setup

Easy-to-use One-Touch setup makes it super simple for any user – even those new to the internet—to get started protecting themselves today.

Tested path

The only way to get the best of both worlds, speed, and stability. We test thousands of paths over the internet every second for you did not have any delays when streaming or gaming online!

Subscription for WARP+

  • with WARP is free, but to enjoy all of its benefits you must subscribe every month to receive unlimited data transfer credits as well as the ability to enable paid features at any time after installation through settings within the Google Play Store 24 hours before the end date subscription period (Eula).
  • Your first month’s payment will be auto-renewed every 30 days unless canceled beforehand.
  • Unused portion(s) from one trial or prorated access expire if purchased upon purchase separately ahead.
  • Subscribers may cancel anytime by accessing Account Settings iGoogle before the cancellation deadline expires: Free Trial Period & Data Transfers. App 6.7 Update

With our latest Android client, you can securely manage your gateway with improvements and bug fixes. Notable new features include two MDM flags that keep it fast on the internet by allowing Cloudflare for Teams domain control or lockdown of one’s main switch if needed!


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