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2ndLine is a second US or Canada phone number that works on your smartphone, tablets as a full-featured business phone system. Designed for mobile professionals and entrepreneurs alike, this service allows you to call anyone in the U.S., Canada with just one click of an app from any device you have – all right at your fingertips!

This is your new phone number, and with it, you can send unlimited text messages to any of your friends anywhere in the world. Send as many texts a day or week as you want for free! You also get an Unlimited Calling plan that includes calls to all numbers within the US & Canada – talk about being able to reach anyone from there without costing extra minutes on top of what’s already included!

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Make Cheap International Calls

You can use your phone to call internationally and have the cost be cheap. If you want, for every dollar spent on international calling or in-network texting, we’ll credit an extra five cents to your account that will automatically go toward making a domestic long-distance call!

Freedom and Convenience

This app is perfect for those who are looking to make their texting experience more fun and creative. It gives you the ability to send pictures, stickers, and gifs in your text messages with ease. You can also easily get access to voicemail transcription which makes it much easier than having someone read out loud a long conversation that’s hard for them to remember word-for-word. The caller ID feature offers peace of mind when talking on the phone as well by letting users know what number they’re calling from before answering so there will never be any surprises!


2ndLine is a groundbreaking app that lets you customize the way your text messages sound, look and feel. Choose from various backgrounds to make texting more aesthetically pleasing while assigning individual contacts their ringtone & background for an even more personalized experience! You can also quickly reply with one tap of the “quick reply” button anytime – no need to search through your inbox or senders list when all texts are combined in the 2nd Line’s unified Inbox. Lastly, if there happen to be any network hiccups during calls- which tend to happen often nowadays due to overloaded networks – elastic calling automatically routes around those issues so you don’t have to hear static or watch as call quality drops rapidly on other apps like Skype or FaceTime!


The 2ndLine App has an update to fix bugs and other minor errors. This new app will make your phone run like it is brand-new!

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