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Alight Motion will bring your creativity to new heights with its variety in professional-quality animation and motion graphics. With this tool at hand, you can create videos for social media or even make them stand out from others on YouTube by using our endearing video compositing techniques which includes blending different clips seamlessly while maintaining their original movements so as nothing disrupts flow (or else we’d just stay stuck behind one clip).

Be part of the future!

Alight Motion is a new app that lets you create professional-looking videos in the palm of your hand. Now with multiple layers and video support, this little gem has tons more features than its competitors! With visual effects like color correction & keyframe animation available for all settings plus an animating easing option to make it easier on those who prefer fluid motion – there’s nothing not to love about Alight Motion so far as we see it (you can even choose from pre-built timing curves). If none exist within what interests you are building yourself then go ahead and build them yourself.

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Customize your videos and pictures

Alight Motion provides a variety of motion blur effects for videos. You can also extract animations and graphics from your footage in one go, add border styles or shadows to each layer individually if needed- even share them on social media with just one click!

Subscribe to the paid version for more perks

Alight Motion is a video creation app that gives users access to basic features and watermarking. There are several paid membership options in the Alight Creative Store, as well as subscriptions processed by Google Play Store for easy cancellation within your account or on their website at

Alight Motion App 3.9.0 Update

 New Effects like Omino Diffusion+, Omino Glass, and Dark Glow are now part of the App.

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