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The Aloha Browser is a free, private web browser application that provides you maximum privacy and security. It’s powered by our adblocking software which will never track you while browsing the internet without limits to its functionality or features – it truly does have everything one needs in this modern digital age! 

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Secure browsing

Aloha Browser is the perfect place for people who want their private tabs and files to stay safe. Lock away your internet connection with a fingerprint or passcode, so only you can unlock it!

Fast downloads

It also has features like downloading manager that lets users save videos from YouTube in one place without having them spread across different services such as Vimeo or Dailymotion – making it easy (and free!) to watch what we want when we need it most on our phone instead of streaming through multiple sites simultaneously.

Built-in VPN

A tap away from anywhere in the world, a free VPN is available to anyone. With just one simple click you can turn on and off your Private Tunnel with premium plans as well for an even more secure browsing experience!

File sharing

Transfer files between devices easily over Public or Paid Wi-Fi networks without fear of being monitored because all traffic goes through our encrypted servers first then gets delivered back out again so no one but you will know what’s going down thanks to a passcode/fingerprint login system.

Watch and download unlimited content

Aloha browser is a revolutionary new way to watch videos online. You can download 360 and VR content right from your browser, so you don’t need any extra equipment! The downloads manager in Aloha Browser makes it easy for users who want better video quality or just like being able to choose what they’re watching when on the go.

Incognito mode

Aloha is a privacy-focused browser that lets you surf the web anonymously and with no trace left behind. The company’s founders are concerned about today’s lack of Internet anonymity, so they created Aloha to keep users safe from prying eyes tracking their every move online – making your browsing as private if not more so than on other platforms like incognito mode or VPN services.


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Aloha App 3.8.2 Update

Download faster with improvements to speed management and stability! You can also tap active download to see information on how much data is left before completion. We’ve had a lot of updates that will make your experience more enjoyable: parallel downloads, improved metadata handling, improving performance so you don’t have any interruptions during playback.


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