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With Amazon Cloud Cam, you can access your 24/7 home security camera feed anywhere. Review important events that happened throughout the day with ease and even create custom alerts by highlighting zones most significant to you- like for example if there’s a motion in front of an entrance or bedroom while someone is sleeping at night! The best part about all this?

HD streaming – clear and crisp results

With the Amazon Cloud Cam, you will be able to monitor your home 24/7, stay connected with family and pets at all times of day through crisp 1080p HD video streams that are captured up to 30 frames per second. You can also drop into any activity recorded within seconds by downloading replays for viewing anytime on an app available in both iOS 11s as well Android phones running Marshmallow or higher versions of operating systems.

Smart Night Mode

Cloud Cam features eight infrared LEDs that let you see clearly in the dark.

Cloud Cam’s computer vision algorithms automatically activate night mode when lighting is dim, so your whole house can be lit without any shadows or noise sneaking up on anyone! This device also has two-way audio—with speakers built right into it for clear communication between people who are home during all hours of the day (or night)!

Intelligent Alerts

  • Cloud Cam’s computer vision algorithms analyze video clips in real-time, and its intelligent system can detect things like people or pets even when they’re not directly in view.
  • With zones, you set up for areas where Cloud Cams should ignore activity such as outside a fish tank so it only monitors what matters most to you!
  • And because this intelligence lives on our cloud server automatically add new features all without human intervention – giving us peace of mind that no matter how often we need updates there will always be plenty at hand just waiting.

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How to install Amazon Cloud Cam on Windows PC

The emulator imitates an Android device and then we install applications onto our computer screen just as if they were downloaded from Google Play Store! Below are the instructions on how Amazon Cloud Cam can be installed on your PC without any difficulties through an emulator. You can install the application on your PC;

  1. By using BlueStacks
  2. By using NoxPlayer

Installing Amazon Cloud Cam on Windows PC using BlueStacks

  • The download and installation procedure is quite simple via
  • After successful installation, open the Bluestacks emulator from where you should be able to see a Home screen containing Google Play Store pre-installed.
  • Search for ‘Amazon Cloud Cam’, then click on its icon once located at the bottom right corner.
  • Now here comes the all-important part; if done correctly – voila!
  • You now have successfully installed the app.
  • If you don’t see this app from the search results, go ahead and download APK/XAPK installer file.
  • Once downloaded double-click to open it in BlueStacks (it’ll work like a charm!).
  • Amazon Cloud Cam icon can be found on the home screen where all other apps live; give them an eyeball if needed before clicking away!

Installing Amazon Cloud Cam on Windows PC using NoxPlayer

  • Download & Install NoxPlayer at
  • The installation is easy to carry out, and after you’ve installed the app on your device it will be just a few clicks away from accessing Amazon Cloud Cam!
  • Open up the NoxPlayer home screen by clicking “Nox” in the search bar;
  • Look for the “Amazon Cloud Cam” if necessary before installing using either an APK installer file or the drag-and-drop method onto Home Screen.

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