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Amazon Kids+ is the perfect app for your child. With thousands of videos, books, and games available on mobile devices or Kindle Fire HDX 8-inch tablets at any time – you’ll always have something new to offer them!

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Subscriptions and charges

Introducing Amazon Kids+ for 1 month on us! Get the first month free, cancel anytime with no hassle. For kids there are thousands of kid-friendly content at a low price – after your free trial subscriptions start at just $2.99 per month for Amazon Prime Members or non-Prime memberships and rise up to $4.99 annually depending if they’re in college too!

Safe and restricted

Your kids will love exploring new worlds through videos that are curated just right so they’re always learning something new while having fun playing games too tough for adults but easy enough where kids can beat them again after trying once (and maybe getting stuck at Level 1). No grown-up stuff means there isn’t anything inappropriate here either which makes it perfect if you want an unadulterated experience allowing young minds to explore without boundaries.

Wide range of content for the kids

Amazon Kids+ has thousands of educational videos that help your children learn their ABCs, 123s, and more. The content is especially for kids but also includes Spanish language learning with Dora the Explorer or Diego from Go Diego! Cien Millones de Empesyes (100 million stickers). Pinch & Zoom was designed specifically to make reading easier by enlarging font sizes in storybooks so preschoolers can read along at an appropriate level without straining their eyesight like adults often do when they try too hard!!

Parental control

Your children can have fun on the go with games that will take them on adventures through sports, animals, and more. Parental controls ensure a safe environment where you learn about the content your child likes plus establish boundaries by age; there are no ads in Amazon Kids+. Easily search for favorite characters like Spiderman or superheroes from Avengers to find something just right for any kid aged 2–10 years old!

Parent Dashboard

Are you looking for a way to get out of your digital leash? Parents may want to consider installing the Parent Dashboard on their devices. This app allows users to set daily time limits and bedtimes, block access until after educational goals have been met with limited entertainment content like books or TV shows from Netflix Kids library, review children’s activity over 90 days (including recently viewed movies), choose which language they prefer when viewing certain types ebooks/TV series as well as giving parents control in downloading apps onto a tablet, etc.

Find content your kid likes

Can’t find the right character to appeal to your child? Try choosing from popular movies, TV shows, and videos for kids. Disney’s Frozen is a great option as well! Or why not try some of their newest releases like Moana or Star Wars: The Force Awakens in order to release their inner Jedi master–no matter who you are looking at creating an account under (or if they’re just pretending). For other fun activities put on Sesame Street while teaching Life Skills through Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood; teach science skills with Wild Kratts.; have lots more adventures when playing outside using bubbles guppies by Nick Jr.

Educational Books and Series

Kids can enjoy a variety of fun and educational games on the go, like playing classic children’s games or animal match-ups. They’ll also find loads to learn in the reading section for kids with titles ranging from award-winning books all about Cubert carrier who gets stuck inside an online video game because he is too young but discovers how much power adults have when they take over as controller; adventure tales where your child meets new friends while solving mysteries (such as Pete The Cat: Stinky And Dirty). We recommend that you explore these kid-focused features which are sure to keep them entertained during those parent-free hours!

Personalized kids profiles

You can create up to four personalized child profiles that are just for your kids! They’ll love having their own avatar and being able to switch between them quickly. You get even more control over what they see by setting age filters so only appropriate content enters their little minds.

Amazon Kids+ App Update

The updated version contains bug fixes and optimizations for better experience.


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