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Amazon Music is changing the way you find and play music. Get a Prime membership or sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited to get more options!

Amazon Prime account supported

Amazon Music is seamlessly integrated with your Prime account to provide a wealth of streaming music, wherever you are. Listen ad-free and offline on any device!

Amazon Music Unlimited

What if you could have it all? You can, with Amazon Music Unlimited, listen to ad-free music and podcasts on 75 million songs including new releases from your favorite artists as well as unlimited streaming of audiobooks! With this service, there are no limits in sight so get ready for something fresh today or upgrade to HD at a discounted price after trying out the trial period fully without any strings attached (30 days).

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Ad-free streaming

Listen to your favorite music in the highest quality streaming audio with Amazon Music. Hear 75 million songs, ad-free, and all available on one app! Plus enjoy exclusive Ultra HD remastered albums that are up to 10X or more bitrate for a better listening experience.

Amazon Prime is a great way to listen and watch unlimited streaming of music, podcasts, or even video on your favorite device. You can also try out the free trial before you subscribe with no commitment required!

Import your playlists from the other music platforms to Amazon Music in a few quick steps. With just one click, you can bring all of those songs and recordings together with new releases on over 200 stations.

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Amazon Music Unlimited is not available in some regions.

Amazon Music App 17.14.1 Update

Now with Car Mode: Larger text, simple controls, and customizable preset make it easy to access your favorite music on the go. To launch Car Mode, simply enable Bluetooth in your car or visit our app Settings page (for iOS users). Simply select ‘Car’ from this menu when you’re ready to ride shotgun! A bigger interface means less scrolling; just tap where necessary – like selecting a song from within an album’s tracklisting. Plus there are easier ways than ever before of adding new songs into playlists too via overflow menus at left-hand side corners…or deleting any existing playlist if needed by swiping left over each entry one after another until they disappear off-screen first

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