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Customers can shop on Amazon’s site from anywhere around the world. Customers can order products, track orders, and reorder items using Alexa or their voice with 1-Click ordering.

Amazing Deals are waiting for you on Amazon!

Have a look at Gold Box Deals, including the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals. Sign-up to be automatically notified when new deals become available! Buy with confidence knowing that all transactions are securely processed. Send links to products via email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter & get shipment notifications sent straight to your inbox!

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Million of Products and Options

 With the Amazon Shopping app, you can check out millions of products at your convenience. Whether it’s comparing prices or browsing through departments to find what you’re looking for faster, this app makes shopping easy and hassle-free! You’ll never miss a deal again with access to Lightning Deals and even get notified when that order ships.

Fill up your Cart!

With the Amazon Shopping app, you can easily access all of your shopping preferences on a mobile device. You have full control over your cart and payment options as if using an online browser at! All transactions made through the app are sent to secure servers that encrypt personal information for protection from hackers during transmission.

Access and Permissions

Did you know that the Amazon Shopping app requires access to your Contacts and Camera? The main reason it needs permission for contacts is so that you can send gift cards through the messaging system in-app. You also have an option of scanning product covers or barcodes, adding credit/gift card information, as well as uploading pictures on reviews.

While there are many ways to use the Amazon app, one of its most interesting features is that it can access your phone’s camera and flashlight. This allows you to search for products in low-light or dark conditions without an additional flashlight.

The microphone feature also enables users with Alexa voice assistant technology so they don’t have to type out their requests but instead just speak them aloud like a normal conversation would take place.

Users may also share items on social media directly from within the app as well as find nearby deals through location services which save both time and money!

The Amazon App for Tablets allows you to search and browse through thousands of products as well as buying them with ease. It also helps speed up the process by allowing it pre-populate your phone’s keypad so that customer service is just a few clicks away! You can store all sorts of preferences in this app, along with using some features on the device more easily than others such as setting up Dash Buttons and Wand.

Amazon Shopping App Update

Closet is a new feature in the Amazon App that helps you discover outfit ideas based on what you already own. Just open the menu, go to Programs and Features, and tap Closet.


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