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Android Accessibility Suite is a collection of apps that increases the usability and accessibility features for those who need it. These include eyes-free use, switch device usage, text to speech capabilities with word selection functions, color inversion options among others.

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Several easy options for you

Android Accessibility Suite is a collection of apps that are accessible to those who have difficulty using their Android device. It includes the following: 

  • The accessibility menu has many useful features, including locking your phone and controlling volume/brightness; 
  • Select-to-Speak where you can select items on screen for an audio reading or turn it off if preferred; Turn Switch Access into “on” mode to let one use physical switches instead of touch commands – this feature also supports up to six different types of switching whether TalkBack is enabled by tapping three times in quick succession with two fingers at any time gives users access via speech feedback about what they are doing along with gestures used tapping twice quickly lets them.

Access TalkBack now!

Get started with TalkBack by opening the Settings app on your device, selecting Accessibility, selecting Accessible Menu to switch it on. You can also press and hold both volume keys for this option.

Android Accessibility Suite requires Android 6 (Android M) or later.

Permissions Notice:

Google’s Accessibility Suite is a handful of apps that make Android more accessible to those with disabilities. The Phone app observes the phone state so it can adapt announcements to your call status, and an Accessibility Service enables this suite as well as other third-party services because they are able to access window content on your device.

Android Accessibility Suite App Version 8.2 updates:

TalkBack is an Android accessibility app. It contains many features, including braille keyboards for people who are blind or visually impaired. The latest version of the keyboard comes with a great new feature: Talkback Brailler!


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