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With AnyDesk, IT professionals and private users alike will be able to log into any device anywhere in the world with a secure connection. AnyDesk is ad-free and free for personal use.

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Secure Virtual Connection

Virtual networks are making it possible for people all over the world to work from homes, offices, and classrooms. AnyDesk offers remote desktop software that connects securely with any device on your virtual network instantly so you can get back into working quickly when life happens.

AnyDesk Mobile App

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy- especially if we’re juggling family responsibilities or trying our best at schoolwork while balancing everything else in life like staying social outside of those hours spent studying/working! Luckily there is one solution: AnyDesk’s mobile app which allows users who have forgotten their laptops (or just don’t want cords everywhere), to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth; never worry about losing track again!


AnyDesk offers a wide range of remote desktop functions to make your work life easier:

  1. File Transfer allows you to send files from one computer and have them open on another;
  2. Printing – prints anything that is sent by email or saved in storage as well as faxes, invoices, etc.;
  3. WOL (Wake On LAN) lets any device turn into an access point so someone else can log in without needing their own password!

Why AnyDesk?

  • Outstanding performance.
  • Every operating system, every device to connect with our server-side virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or cloud platform. No matter where you are and what type of hardware/software configuration your organization is using – we’ve got a solution for everyone!
  • With banking standards encryption technology that enables high frame rates & low latency connections in both on-premise dedicated environments as well as public clouds like Microsoft 365, Azure, etc., all available through their user-friendly client portal at any time day or night.
  • In addition, they offer two options depending upon if someone wants the service provided internally within an organization’s own data center(s).

Ease of use

Launch AnyDesk on both devices and enter your access code from the remote device. That’s it! You can now control this computer remotely through its screen, keyboard, or mouse clicks for an easy way to work together across platforms.


Contact if you face any issues:

Have a look at the features offered by AnyDesk:

Download the latest AnyDesk version here:

If you want to use it for commercial use, visit:

AnyDesk App 6.3.4 Update

The updated version contains bug fixes and improved Chinese translations. The Direct Connection Setup has also been fixed.

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