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Auto Clicker is the perfect tool for clicking games. You can set it up to click at any interval, and there’s no root access required! With a floating control panel (that you start/stop), this app will make repetitive tapping easy as pie in comparison with other solutions on Android devices today – which usually requires some kind of third-party plugin or paid service.

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And since we don’t want anything too clunky looking while playing our favorite mobile game(s)? Then use Auto Clicker instead; just press that big red button right next time around when trying not to miss out on all those sweet rewards waiting inside!

Auto Clicker is the perfect app to help you increase your productivity and get more done in less time. The interface makes it easy, with just one click! You can also have multiple swipes for different tasks or use a global timer if desired – making this software as powerful on weekends as during weekdays.

With features like these at Auto Clicker’s disposal; we guarantee that implementing them into our daily workflow today will make life easier tomorrow when there are even bigger projects (and deadlines) waiting around every corner.


The app only supports Android 7.0 and above. 

Auto Clicker App 1.6.1 Update

With the recent updates, you can now prevent your devices from being auto-detected by using anti-detection features or export scripts without having any storage permissions needed. There are also dark themes available for users who want them in this version as well and I’ve added tutorials on how to fix some common problems so they’re easier than ever before 🙂

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