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The BabyCam application is the perfect solution for parents who want to keep an eye on their growing children. With two phones or tablets, one will be recording and another can view with ease from either device – all without having to register in any way! Simply by pressing a button they are connected wirelessly through WiFi Direct.

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Watch over the baby and do the chores simultaneously

BabyCam is an easy way to make sure you have a constant watch over your baby. No matter where they are, what device, or how old they get! With the Premium version of BabyCam (priced at $1.99), we’ll eliminate all advertising from our app so there will be no more interruptions that may distract them while taking care of their needs.

An interactive app designed just for the babies

When you’re taking pictures and videos of your precious little one, there are so many things that can make it hard. But not anymore! With the Camera baby device from Infantotek®, all parents have to worry about is activating or deactivating their flashlight for them to be seen clearly without any lowlight situations at night time while also being able to switch between front-facing camera view as well back up ones (which will show everything happening behind us!). You’ll even be able to wish zoom into what’s going on which allows everyone involved with our future generations more clarity than ever before.

Devices that can be connected

Connect more than one device simultaneously to the baby’s camera. Mom and Dad will be able to see their little bundle of joy on all of them, at once! It doesn’t get any easier than this – just open up your app store (or google play) search ‘Babyvideo’ select an available plan for how much data/bandwidth you want access to.

BabyCam App 2.09 Update

We’ve heard of parents who want the best for their babies. That’s why we made a convenient app that can connect them with all their baby’s needs no matter where they are, and now it gets even easier! Just scan this code when connecting wirelessly so you don’t have to type in a QR code each time.


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