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Be Closer is a fantastic way to engage with your loved ones. Track where they are in real-time, and get extra insight by checking if you have their permission first!

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Know where your mom or dad is with a GPS family tracker. It’s easy to use, just text ” Gsitforyou” and they will send back coordinates so you can always find them!

The app is a one-of-a-kind service for families. Once you sign up, the location of your family members will always be available and accurate because they can grant or deny permission at any time!

The only thing better than knowing where mommy went grocery shopping? Not having to wonder whether she made it back home safely after running errands– with this new technology in place (and GPS enabled phones), all worries are taken care of leaving parents free from worry so that their energy may go towards being amazing moms/dads like normal humans should.

Be Closer App 3.5.1 Update

The updated version includes minor bug fixes.


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