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The Beat Driver is an application that connects passengers with available drivers in your neighborhood instantly. By providing this service, Beat hopes to make transportation more affordable and convenient for everyone- not just those who can afford a car or have access at all times of day when they need one!

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Affordable Rides

The Beat team has been working hard on creating new ways people across the world may get around without hassle by allowing them flexibility as well as safety while out driving their own vehicle amongst others: either personal or commercial like taxis/uber type services which are often too expensive during emergencies due to how much each trip costs.

Get paid as you drive

Open Beat and get paid while you drive. Reduce waiting times, easily find passengers with your smartphone by using smart technology that helps them track down where they are going or who is driving for them in real-time!

Join the Community

Join now without any commitment or obligation – just download the app on your phone first then sign up online if necessary (they make it easy). You’ll be able to pick between cash payments every day via PayPal; wait for time incentives like discounts off future fares through our loyalty program “Points;” booking requests from riders looking forward towards next ride outing as well as opportunities at discounted rates when helping out friends during important occasions.

Simple interface

The app is very simple to use. You just reply to the passenger’s requests by tapping on them, without having phone calls or any other communication with these people in advance! As safe as it gets because all riders are verified before you get onto their ride.


Contact us at if you encounter an issue or need more assistance.

Beat Driver App 12.52.1 Update

The updated version contains bug fixing and performance improvements.

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