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The sky is the limit in Bedwars, a teamwork PVP game that will see you battle your opponents on floating islands. To win this epic fight to the death, protect your bed and destroy everyone else’s!

Play with your friends or strangers now!

Interested players are divided into 4 teams who spawn on different islands. They must build bridges with blocks to attack their opponents and contest the resources to upgrade their weapons so they can destroy each other’s beds more easily! Matches happen in seconds, allowing them to compete against players from all over the world. The challenger spots wait for you!

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There are three different modes that you can play when queueing for a game. Whether it be solo, duo, or 4-man squads; no matter what mode you’re playing there’s bound to be an intense match where your entire team has to work together and fight off enemies!

Variety of lethal weapons

You can collect a variety of different items to help defeat your opponents. Use melee weapons like swords and axes or ranged weapons such as bows and arrows! You can also use firebomb traps, blocks for building barricades against the enemy invasions in creative ways.

Enhance your Bedwars experience with Live-time Chat!

Bedwars has built-in chat systems, which identify the language you speak and match you into the correct channel so that like-minded players can communicate to make more friends online!

Customizable Avatars

Customize your avatar with thousands of options, from several categories in Bedwars. Show off your unique look to all the other players in this popular minigame!


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Bed Wars App Update

Bug fixes


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