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Bike Race App is a simple and fast-paced physics-based game with amazing tracks, jumps, and loops. You can challenge your Facebook friends to multiplayer races or race 100+ million players on the most addicting free app of all time! Earn stars for completing achievements such as having earned over 5 gold medals in level 3 – loopy levels without crashing into obstacles while earning at least one star from each lap within that level. With several bikes like a zombie, ninja army hog acrobatic police ghost super ultra Halloween Santa thanksgiving these games are challenging yet fun!

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Bike Race is an app that allows players to race their bikes on a variety of different levels. The controls are simple and can be used with one hand or two, which should come in handy for those who need both hands free while biking! The single-player mode has some challenges you’ll have to meet if you want the best scores – but multiplayer mode means more people will get involved when they see how fun it is! Bike Race offers 8 addictive worlds with 64 challenging tracks, where earning stars unlocks new levels. So what’s your favorite color?


There’s a problem with your installation. What are you going to do about it? You can try these three things, which are listed below:

1. Make sure the .apk file downloaded is not corrupted or incompletely downloaded-this might be why you’re getting a “Parse error.” Pay close attention and download again if this seems like it could be the case; otherwise continue reading for other solutions.

2. If after downloading once more there still appears to be an issue (i.e., Parse Error), turn on ‘Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources in Settings > Security & Privacy – This will allow your device to access certain apps that may have been blocked by default when updating Android OS devices.

3. The App is not compatible with the Hardware or the Version of the Operation System you are using.

4. There are some common fixes for the installation issue that users have reported like enabling the USB debugging might work, but if not then disabling your Antivirus could be an answer to try out.


Bike Race App 8.0.0 Update was released on November 12, 2020, and features bug fixes that should make your riding experience smoother than ever before!

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