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Block Master for Minecraft PE is a free application where you can find the newest maps, addons, skins, and seeds. Download it to your device through the launcher!

Maps and Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Looking for some maps to play? Here are the best free and multiplayer Minecraft maps. Whether you’re looking for a city or something more creative like flying islands, there’s sure to be something that suits your taste! If not here then check out our list of other great games at

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Buildings for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Our app’s unique buildings have been well-designed by professionals! The master-builder will install a building on your map location with just one click. In our app, you can find categories such as mansions, furnished houses, or medieval castles. All of these are made to be quick and simple for instant construction without unnecessary actions—just like the real thing!

Mods and Addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mod Lucky Block is a popular and best add-on for Minecraft with automatic installation in the game. There are many different mods, including weapons, cars, furniture, etc., which can be found using Mod Launcher!

Skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Skins for Minecraft are more popular than ever. There’s a huge variety of Skins, including some rare ones that will pique your interest in the game even further! You can sort through Boys or Girls’ skins depending on who you want to be looking at while playing. PVP players might enjoy checking out Camouflage skins instead of their usual blocky look when they’re trying to hide from opponents and sneak up behind them unexpectedly. If superheroes are more your thing then there is no shortage of Superheroes skin varieties too! With all this diversity it’ll keep you busy while exploring new lands with friends… if not sometimes lost in how many different options there are (lol).  

Textures for Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you want to make Minecraft more realistic, there are many different texture packs and shaders that will change the game’s default textures. There is also a variety of sizes for each resource pack from small 16×16 pixel-sized files up to large 64×64 pixels ones! With so much variation in size, it can be hard choosing one when they all have unique features such as improved water or lighting effects. Even though these changes might seem subtle at first glance, every single detail counts in making your world feel like its own miniature universe with full HD graphics!


The Minecraft Name, Minecraft Mark, and all related URLs are owned by Mojang AB or their respectful owner. This application is not approved nor affiliated with the game’s creator (Mojang AB). All rights reserved.

This app can be downloaded for free under a distribution license; however, this does not mean it was created/endorsed by Mojang AB in any way!

Please contact our support by e-mail if you face any inconvenience (, we will immediately take the necessary measures.

Block Master for Minecraft PE App 2.9.0 Update

• Improved application stability

• Bug fixes


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