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BOOYAH! is a fun app that allows you to live-stream your favorite games and share them with friends. It also can automatically capture every single moment of gameplay, so all your memories are saved forever. Experience gaming like never before by using BOOYAH!, an innovative new way for gamers from around the world to connect over their passion for playing video games together.

BOOYAH! is a social media app that lets you record short clips of your favorite games, live stream to major platforms like Facebook and YouTube all at the same time with no fee or membership without losing quality. And after it ends their algorithm will compile highlights based on key moments where intense fights happen between players.

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The following passage summarizes BOOYAH!

“BOOYAH! Is a social media platform that lets users share game clips/highlights by recording them directly from within the app itself rather than having to upload resulting in better content due to its originality as well as allowing for streaming functionality across multiple platforms simultaneously.”

Capture and share your proudest gaming moments with BOOYAH!

Be it godlike moments, epic comebacks, or funny fails- now you can capture them all with the latest innovation in sharing gameplay.

BOOYAH! App 1.38.6 Update

Our product team has been working tirelessly on making the user’s life better! This time around there are two big changes: firstly, our engineers worked their magic to improve how easy it was to use our app – which is always important when trying something new or complicated; secondly, they were able to fix all of those pesky little problems that sometimes pop up with software updates (the ones where nothing goes wrong but things aren’t exactly as expected).


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