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A fast, free and secure web browser, Brave for Android with built-in Ad-blocker to provide you the best browsing experience. If you’re looking for a fast and secure browser, Brave might be the best choice. It’s built with an adblocker that provides hassle-free browsing without pop-ups or malware or other annoyances when using it on your Android device!

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A private browser

Brave is a browser that reduces page loading time, improves performance, and guards from ads infected with malware. It shows 2x to 4x the speed increase on Android phones so users will see their battery consumption go down as well! Plus it has HTTPS everywhere (encrypted data traffic), script blocking 3rd party cookie blockings private incognito tabs all built-in for protection of your privacy while browsing online which means you get quick answers without any hassle or worries about hackers getting access.

Built-in Ads Block

With Battery optimization Data and Tracking protection, you don’t have to worry about online privacy anymore. It’s a great way of browsing without being tracked by advertisers or government agencies alike because it automatically blocks their ads, tracking scripts, etc., giving you peace of mind while surfing on your device(s). With HTTPS Everywhere support built into this browser from day one, there’ll be no more worries when using unsecured Wi-Fi at home/work.

Script Blocking

Script blocking is a great way to save and protect yourself from websites that want your personal information. Scripts can be used for tracking you personally or selling the data, but with script-blocking, there’s no easier way than being smart about where sites link to find what they need!

Get rid of annoying pop-ups

Are you tired of sites popping up on your computer without permission? Do these pop-ups make it hard for you to focus and do the things that need doing, like watching videos or checking social media accounts! Well, luckily there are new tools out now called “Brave” which will block them in just seconds. With one click this browser has settings per site so they can choose what pages should not load while browsing around online – saving time frustration from getting slowed down by pesky advertisements all day round. To get started with our program go ahead and download their app onto any device. 


The online advertising industry is out of control and users are revolting. Users have turned to block ads as a way to improve their browsing speed, safety, and privacy in exchange for content from sites without revenue sharing model that would give them more opportunities or higher quality websites with better user experience than other alternatives on offer today were just making money matter most even if it means risking everything else including your sanity (or getting bots). 



Privacy policy:

Brave App 1.29.81 Update

In the new update, new improvements have been made.


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