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Bridge Race App is a fun way to get your friends together for a friendly competition. You’ll need at least two players, but if you’re feeling competitive and up for the challenge it’s possible to play against the computer as well! The first player has 14 seconds in which they must collect logs of their own color from anywhere on the board by moving with one space per move function or through rotating them like pieces of wood stacked inside each other. After collecting five different colored logs (or fewer) then that player can place those same-colored ones onto any bridge leading off into another direction until there are no more available bridges left to travel across – this means all others will have an opportunity too!

This is a great past-time for when you need to have more constructive fun on your laptop. The Bridge Race app has unlimited levels and keeps every one of all ages engaged, with colorful graphics that set the playful mood every time. Confused by what to do? Simply log in or sign up without having to use any personal information, then select which color bridge you want out of choices ranging from red, blue, green, and yellow.

Bridge race is compatible with devices running the following operating systems: Windows 7+, Android 2+, iOS 6+

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Bridge Race App 2.73 Update

Bridge race app is now more stable and efficient than ever with bug fixes, performance improvements, and improved experience for all users!

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