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The #1 Viral Game on TikTok is called Destiney Run. The game tests how good or bad you are by letting you choose either to be an Angel, which sends out positive vibes into the world–or a Devil, whose negative behavior will hurt others around them! Now that your choice has been made and Heaven awaits-oh waits no it doesn’t because everyone goes straight to Hell regardless of their decisions in life!

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In your afterlife, you will soon find out if a life of mercy or wickedness is more important to the Almighty. Judgment day has come and gone for many people before us – see what awaits them!

If you’re a celebrity student, an imposter doctor, rich-poor it doesn’t matter! There’s only 1 thing that matters: be merciful or be wicked. The holy justice calls for everyone I guess!

Destiny Run App 1.1 Update

New characters have been added to the game, new levels are available for players to explore and bugs that were present in previous versions of the application have now been fixed.


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