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FaceApp is an AI photo editing app that can turn your selfie into a modeling portrait. It has everything you need for free! Imagine a world where you can edit your photos in just one tap. That’s the power of editing with AI and Photoshop CS6! You’ll never have to spend hours photoshopping again- we’ve got over 60 filters that will make any photo look stunningly realistic, adding depth while still looking natural.

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Edit your photos

Perfect your selfies with FaceApp to enhance and change the way you look. Add a beard or mustache, change hair color (and style!), use hot makeup filters like those seen on Instagram celebrities today! You can also try creative light effects for exciting results that will make everyone jealous of what they don’t have in their photo album collection.

Edit your videos

Need a quick and easy way to make your face look the best it can be? Well luckily for you, we have FaceApp! You can now take any video recording of yourself or someone else with filters that will give them an amazing new appearance. It’s so much fun watching people react when they see themselves after being transformed through this app – what’re friends going to think?!

Have fun and experiment with the looks!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your physical features were different? Gender Swap and many other fun filters in this app allow for an interesting experience. Try aging yourself, borrowing someone else’s hairstyle, or trying on some makeup to morph into the newest hottest celebrity! Who knows when technology will have developed enough that we can change our DNA too so there are no more generations split by age gaps between baby boomers and millennials thanks to cloning technology.

Share with your friends

Share your FaceApp edits directly to social media with a single click!

Your friends can’t help but stop scrolling when they see what you’ve done. Give them more time by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #faceapp and @Face sailed for us all to get featured together We are one of the most advanced neural face editing technologies out there that makes every photo 100% perfect so stay tuned because this is only getting started.


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