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Family GPS Tracker KidsControl App is a personal safety app that helps keep track of where your family members are. It’s free, so download it now to make sure no one gets lost! Connect the tracker onto kids’ smartwatches and listen to what happens around them while you’re not nearby – all in real-time thanks to our cloud server system; always on hand at any given moment: even during the night as brightly lit areas have much less power consumption than dark ones.

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Monitor the kids easily

Keep a watchful eye on your kids with the KidsControl GPS locator. With this app, you can receive alerts when they arrive home or anywhere else that you have set up an account for monitoring purposes–in case of emergency! The SOS button sends out help messages and will allow users easy access to their location history as well so they know exactly where they are.

Premium version and enhanced features

You can’t always be there to monitor your children, so the Premium version of this app is for you. With Blackbox mode enabled and an internet connection available at all times (even when it’s off), it continuously records geodata such as what location they were last seen in or how much time was spent walking around before bedtime with just enough detail not only about where but also who interacted with them during that day–including friends’ phone numbers!


The KidsControl GPS tracker offers an easy way to set up geofences for your kids. The automated alerts will let you know when they enter or leave certain areas, such as the home and school (or vice versa). If their battery level falls below 15%, then this phone sends out notifications about its status over a cellular data connection so that parents can remind them to charge up! You’ll be able to see how often it’s charged during charging sessions along with information on internet connections in order notifying whether there are any stability issues at local cafes nearby which could affect signal strength – making sure everything stays stable while away from WiFi hotspots like hotels provide complimentary service throughout rooms.

Permissions and set-up

You’ll need some device that supports WiFi and Location services enabled for it to work properly but once those settings are set up just turn the app on from their phone screen or open Settings > Privacy options (depending upon what type/brand phone this may be). It also helps if both parents have KidsControl installed too since there’s no other way our system will know about all members involved unless everyone gives permission beforehand. Users can stop sharing their location for some time or log out from an account and completely delete the app. You’ll need SMS permission to set up GPS Smart Baby Watches with your phone number, but this is just one option available as of now!


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Family GPS tracker KidsControl App k5.3.4 Update

The new update features improved connectivity and fast access to the media. It also includes a live video chat feature for better correspondence.

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