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File Manager + is a powerful and easy-to-use file explorer app for Android devices. It’s free, fast, simple to navigate through the menus thanks to its straightforward design, and displays how many apps you have installed on your device at once upon opening it up. Additionally, this fantastic tool lets you manage storage both within the bounds of your phone or tablet as well as across various cloud services that are out there!

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The file manager supports every action you can take with your files (open, search, navigate directory, and more) for various types of media. It’s also compatible with apk formats!

File Manager Plus is a file management application that allows you to manage all files stored on both the internal storage and external SD card. It automatically sorts your files by type, separating them into folders like Audio/Videos or Documents so it’s easy for you to find what you’re looking for. You can also view apps installed locally with this tool!

You can access your cloud storage, shared/remote storage like NAS and FTP servers. You also have the option to analyze local storage for files that take up space on the device. There is an internal image viewer; you can choose whether or not to use it for better performance of certain apps such as music players and text editors.

File Manager App 2.7.1 Update

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


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