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An all-new strategic RPG game featuring “Mechs & Maidens”, “Final Gear”! Train a variety of different types and experience thrilling battles! Prepare for an epic journey as your mechs battle alongside lovely pilots. Experience the story about powerful titans and their adorable companions embarking on a fantastic adventure together.

Customizable Mechs

Final Gear offers over 100 customizable mechs, with a diverse cast of pilots. By clearing stages or through part development, players can earn components to create their custom robot that has the potential for immense power and customization options. The game also features a great selection of gorgeous artwork as well as dynamic models and personalized voice acting from the different characters in the story mode.

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Get ready for the adventure

Learn how to build your base in this fun strategy game. You can choose from a variety of rooms that have unique resources and bonuses. Strategically plan which room you want where, as well as what lineup will best suit the map’s terrain, enemy forces, or mission objective!


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