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Firefox is more than just a browser, it’s an extension of your life. Whether you’re browsing the web or looking at social media sites on the go with Firefox Android, we know that privacy and security are important to us all! That’s why our app has been designed from scratch to give users a smoother experience while providing as much protection for data as possible – so if society keeps changing in 2021 (and who knows how!), then at least one thing will stay constant: You’ll have full control over what happens online.

Firefox is a browser that’s faster, easier to use, and more private than other browsers. With the Firefox web browser, you can have your cake and eat it too by making browsing experience personalized while still maintaining your privacy with features like Tracking Protection which helps block ads from following us around online without our permission or protecting stored passwords automatically so we don’t need to memorize them all for some sites anymore! So hurry up already – get Firefox now!

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If you’re looking for a browser that’s fast, private, and backed by an amazing non-profit organization then Firefox is the one for you! You can choose your default settings or install all kinds of add-ons to make it even better. Now they’ve made things extra easy too with Private Browsing Mode being just 1 tap away from Laptop mode so if someone walks up while browsing through pictures of cats (or something way more sensitive), no need to worry about anything getting saved in history because it’s always deleted once you exit out!

Private Mode

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to protect your privacy. The Firefox browser has an array of features that will keep you safe from the prying eyes of advertisers. Enhanced Tracking Protection automatically blocks over 2,000 known online trackers invading your internet history to give you a faster browsing experience with unparalleled protection against cyber criminals trying to steal passwords or credit card info through malware sites hidden on otherwise legitimate websites. With these uniquely efficient tools at hand for safeguarding one’s digital identity, there has never been a better time for firefox!

Private Browsing Mode

Just one tap away from a private browsing session and your sensitive data are safe. Private Browsing Mode automatically erases your history when you exit the app, so don’t worry about any embarrassing web pages sticking around on your phone!

Customizable Enhanced Tracking Protection

You don’t just get to choose where your browser’s search bar is positioned, you also have the option of customizing how much private data Firefox shares with third parties. Customizable Enhanced Tracking Protection settings put you in control and give you more options for personalized browsing so that no one sees what they’re not supposed to see! You can customize every detail about your online experience including which search engine will be used or if it should become the default web browser on certain devices.

Dark Mode

The dark side is here! Now you can switch between the light and dark mode anytime with a single tap.


Organize your tabs to stay on task with Collections. You can also use the feature across devices, so you’re getting more done no matter where or what device!


Privacy and security are at the forefront of our minds. We know that you would like to stay safe on your internet journey, so we have worked hard to make sure these options are readily available for all users without hassle or fuss! Get add-ons from this list: AdBlocker, Browser Lockdown & Tracking Protection; Flash Player Replacement; Scripts Manager with Improved Memory Management as well as Password Manager & Logins Widget. With just a few clicks, quickly get back control over what information is revealed about you online!

Easy Switching

Kick-off your morning with Firefox and work on everything you need to at home or while commuting. Download the app, sync it up across all of your devices and get going! You can take a bunch of bookmarks that are even password-protected so no one else can see them. Plus, there’s built-in functionality for logins so nothing gets lost when switching between computers like we’ve been doing forever now thanks to our digital lives getting more mobile than ever before!

Web Browser Search Widget

The Firefox Web Browser Search Widget is a convenient way to search the web without having to open your browser. It takes up minimal space on your screen, and it’s available for free! You can get instant results by just tapping one button instead of opening an app or browsing through menus.

Picture in Picture Mode

The Picture in Picture Mode lets you multitask while watching video content – stream them out from any app like YouTube, Pandora TV, Netflix; then pop those videos back into place so they’re playing all over again as soon as possible when new notifications are coming through or another message pops onto our phone screens which we want answers for right away.

Firefox is a great browser that offers an open and private browsing experience. To find out more, read the article about permissions on our site or follow us on Twitter for updates as we gear up to release Firefox Quantum!

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Mozilla exists to promote choice and transparency. We are committed to building products that will give people more control over their lives online, such as Firefox.

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Firefox App 91.1.0 Update

With the release of Firefox Quantum, Mozilla has made many changes to improve your browsing experience.

These include an update on tab navigation and a new layout for the tabs tray from ListView to Grid View.

The default autoplay setting is now Blocking Audio Only so you can surf worry-free without annoying music or videos playing in the background while also being able to opt-out of telemetry data collection with just one click!

Password fields will no longer automatically start with capital letters when using Samsung keyboard settings.

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