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The Fonts App lets you express yourself the way you want, with over 100 million different font options to choose from. Feeling gothic? Or maybe looking for something more romantic? What is your mood today: bold or playful?? Do not worry because we got it all covered!

Send cool messages!

You can use Fonts to make your social media profiles stand out. You could even send cool text messages to friends! There’s no limit on what you do with them, so go wild- the only rule is that it has got to be creative and interesting – don’t just post something because someone told you to.

Unlimited cool options

A variety of fonts and symbols are available for all your social media needs! Whether you want to express yourself on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or any other platform. With over 100 different options!

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Stickers for every occasion

Sticker TextFont is the best way ever invented by designers just like YOU! Now get creative with these expertly crafted text face substitutes in seconds while saving money at the same time as they’re free (don’t worry there’s an option if the price doesn’t matter). You can also create stickers using our amazing collection so don’t forget about that either.

Download now!

Stay up to date with our latest developments! We add new content regularly and would love it if you left us a review. Your feedback helps make Fonts even better, so please give the app your unconditional support by becoming one of the millions who have already installed it on their phone or tablet device today- just tap “Install” in App Store when prompted by iTunes about installing an update (or similar). 


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