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This FRAG Pro Shooter designed for your phone is a top-rated multiplayer game in which you can meet players from all over the world, play explosive 1v1 duels against them, and control your character either in first person or third person views. There’s also a new 2v2 mode!

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Want to be the best?

Well, you’ll need more than two hands. Customize your team – is that even possible with only one character slot (and five characters)? If it is then this game has probably done a pretty good job! Seriously though, there are over ninety playable characters so building an awesome dream squad shouldn’t be too hard… Or maybe it’s just me who thinks having multiple copies of my favorite heroes would help in live combat situations. What do I think about skins and upgrades for these guys? Does anyone else hear wedding bells or am I imagining things…?

Join clubs and explore some amazing things

In this game, you can become a celebrity by joining clubs and creating your own to share strategies for becoming better. You have the option of playing different characters with different strengths so trying them all out will be beneficial to find which ones suit you best! Some missions give rewards once completed.

Too many options to choose from

 FRAG Pro Shooter is packed with options that let you play the game however you like, plus it has no more secrets!

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Oh BiBi’s YouTube channel gives you updates on FRAG: The Game, their Facebook page lets you know about news and events related to the game, and follow them on Twitter for short videos of gameplay. Oh Bibi has a privacy policy that explains what information they collect from users as well as how it is used; take some time to read through this if your data security concerns are not put at ease by our terms & conditions.



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