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GCash is an app that helps you transfer money faster than other forms of payment! Download it today so your errands can be completed without breaking quarantine.

With just a few clicks, you can send money to your family and friends in real-time. You don’t have to worry about bank transfers anymore because, with GCash, Coins. ph or PayMaya users can transfer any amount of funds instantly directly into their accounts! No more worrying about transferring between banks at different times throughout the day – it all gets taken care of for you once the transaction is complete!

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 Pay Bills at home

 There are a lot of bills to pay, and GCash makes it easy. You can save your favorite billers so you don’t forget due dates or lose track when the time comes! Paying with GCredit is also accepted for past-due bills. If there’s any problem paying by credit card through their websites – such as service interruption or failure processing payment – just contact them via chat support in real-time and they’ll resolve the issue immediately!

Gcash has over 400+ online biller partners that include: electricity providers like Meralco; water companies like Manila Water; internet/cable TV services from Globe at Home, Sky Broadband & Smart Bro; telecoms from PLDT DSL, Sun Cellular, etc.

 Buy Load instantly

Now, you can buy load for anyone on all networks instantly. Globe and TM customers can also purchase exclusive combos with their favorite telco provider. You may even choose to top up your prepaid broadband device using the new bundles available exclusively from Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi! For those who want more entertainment in their lives, look no further than TV channels offered by Cignal or Sky Cable as well as MaxiCare health insurance packages which are sold via pre-paid cards that double as “load” credit balance too!

 Receive Funds online

Receive instant remittances from MoneyGram and Western Union online with GCash, a digital wallet for Filipinos. Simply key in your reference number after receiving the money to receive it instantly on your phone! You can also link Paypal by going through an authorized payment center or bank deposit so you have access to withdraw funds at any time without paying fees!

GCash is a local company that allows people abroad to send direct cash transfers using applications such as PayPal. People within the Philippines can use this service too but must go into designated banks or shops that work with GCash instead of doing over-the-phone transactions like most services do worldwide.  

Extend the budget with GCredit

Extend your budget with GCash’s mobile credit line, GCredit. Build a better score by using GCash frequently. The limit starts from 1,000 to 30,000 and you only need the best GScore to get access!

Cash-in with online Banking

 Cashing in with online banking and debit cards is easy. You can top up your GCash using any major bank, or use a Mastercard/Visa Debit Card from BDO, AUBank, Citi Bank, etc., which you can also cash over the counter at select pawnshops like Villarica Pawnshop, Touchpay Network Incorporated Bayad Center Philippines.

Shop online without any credit card

Shop online without a credit card and make instant payments for food, groceries, etc. link your GCash to App Store and Play Store for apps, games, movies, and much more.

GCash pays it forward

Scan the QR codes of GCash partners to pay for goods and services, in addition to bills at home. Pay with over 70,000 different merchants nationwide – even SM stores!

Gain access by downloading their app or visiting

Buy Gaming Credit

Buy 10 different gaming pins for 1 PHP each. Top brands include Garena Shells, LevelUp, GameClub Credits, and many more! Get Razer Gold or Mobile Legends Diamonds while you’re at it too.

Are you looking to buy some game credits? Check out our huge catalog of hundreds of top games that we sell on the cheap – including mobile legends diamonds! We offer discounts up to 90% off so be sure to grab a few items before they run out they go fast every day because gamers don’t play around when it comes time to level up their characters in these popular online role-playing adventure games like Ragnarok Online or Lineage 2 Revolution!

Invest as low as P50 

Invest in an investment fund for just a small amount of money!

GCash Forest

GCash Forest is a digital platform that allows you to earn green energy by completing cashless transactions on GCash. Join the program and get enough points for planting a tree at Ipo Watershed!

GCash App 5.43.0 Update

GLoan is available for users with eligible GScores! Enjoy accessible, personal loans that are easy to get through just a few taps on GCash. Now you can pay billers more easily by using Citi Appliance and Hermosa Water District instead of the usual method. We also fixed some bugs to make your experience even better while running GCash!


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