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The Google Assistant is the most credible virtual assistant and it’s ready to make your life easy and help you when you need it. With just “Hey Google,” the handy device can manage all of life’s little tasks for us so we don’t have to make a dent in our daily schedules or remember what needs doing!

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Play your favorite music without having to touch your phone

Play music, podcasts, playlists, and music videos with your voice conveniently via mobile, tablet, or browser. You can also skip songs or set the volume.

Just say “Hey Google”

“Play my workout playlist”

“Set the volume on high”

Stay in touch with people

Your Assistant makes it fast to stay connected. Make voice or video chats for your family members who live far away from you without needing to hold anything at all! You can also send messages on the go, this will help keep everyone happier because now there won’t be any more arguments over unreturned texts.

“Send a text to Sam”

“Read my unread messages”

“Call Samantha”

Get quick directions and local information

Get directions to familiar places, including traffic and local info. If you need a ride or want to find parking near your destination easily then request it now on our app!

“What is the status of traffic today?”

“Where is the nearest petrol station?”

“Give me the directions to the nearest hospital”

Stress and hands-free productivity

With the help of your Assistant, you can work smarter not harder. You’ll have access to a time-saving calendar and reminders service that will keep track of all important appointments so there are never any missed meetings or deadlines!

Get efficient note-taking with the ability to set timers remotely while also adding items directly from Google Keep without ever having left an app—it’s really handy when cooking too since we use our phones as reference materials whether it’s ingredients lists or what dishes go well together before starting anything new.

“Remind me to pick up my kids at 8”

“Add laundry and grocery shopping to my to-do list”

“Set an appointment reminder for the dentist at 7”

Ask your assistant anything, anytime

With instantly searchable, information you can get quick answers while out and about or in your own home. It provides weather forecast updates for the day as well as how-to videos teaching tricks like skateboarding or cooking recipes from all over the world! You’ll also be able to find sports scores updated regularly too so there’s no need to worry if they’re playing tonight; just stay tuned with one-click access through the app store!

“What’s the weather like today?”

“How much are 300 pounds in kilograms?”

“Find me a recipe for pancakes”

Use Google Assistant even if you don’t have the app

This statement is true because your device must still meet some requirements to make it compatible with the newest AI technology, but there are three different ways on how a person could experience using an Artificial Intelligence system through their phone or laptop:

  1. They would need either be running Android 7 Nougat (or higher), iPhone 8/X, and iPad Pro 10.5″ thunderbolt 3 enabled model.
  2. Users who own newer models such as Pixel 2 XL by LG also enjoy access since they come equipped with Google Suite’s “Google assistant.” 


  • Your device must still meet the requirements to use Google Assistant.
  • You do not need this app to use Google Assistant if you already have Google Assistant on your device.

Google Assistant – Get things done, hands-free App 0.1.187945513 Update

You can now launch Assistant actions with just one tap! Long-press the launcher icon and explore all of your new options. 


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