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Google Classroom is a free service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with an email account. It makes it easy to connect learners in any class—inside or outside of the school walls!

Google Classroom is a modern, intuitive tool that saves teachers time and improves organization. It’s easy for students to use because it has all of their assignments stored in one place as well!

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It is simple and quick to set up; you can add new ones or share codes with your class straight from the app – There’s no need for paper anymore since everything gets saved automatically via Google Drive folders within each student account (e.g., documents uploaded by parents will be filed under Parent Folder).

Google Classroom is a digital classroom that allows students to communicate with one another and teachers instantly. It’s got all the features you would expect in an online learning environment, including commenting on announcements or starting class discussions without having to wait for responses from other members of your school community!

The Google Classroom also has some cool integrations like Slack so it feels more immersive than ever before.


A permissions notice lets you know what your students can do with the app.

  • Camera to take photos or videos and post them on classroom walls.
  • Storage is needed for attachments such as images, documents that are stored locally when not connected online.
  • Accounts let users choose between multiple accounts so that each student has access without any overlap.


Permission Notices give details about available features in Google Classroom including how many people have permission at once; otherwise, an error message would popup saying there was insufficient storage space (classrooms typically don’t exceed 200MB).

Google Classroom App 7.6.341.21.40.04 Update

Now you can grade the students’ work faster with the navigation between students’ submissions.

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