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The Google Docs app allows users to create, edit and collaborate with others on documents from their Android phone or tablet.


Create new docs easily using the mobile keyboard.

Share your work for feedback without ever leaving Docs.

Viewing history lets you see changes that are being made by collaborators in real-time.

Open files created on other devices right within Docs – no more switching apps!

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Get efficient and production with Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to be constantly productive by creating new documents and editing old ones. Collaboration is also possible with Google’s active community that responds to comments in real-time, even if they’re offline! You can work anytime from anywhere without the fear of losing your files since everything will automatically save as you type.

Additionally, search through all your Drive content while using it; no need for a separate program like before when searching was only available within the application itself (in this case: Microsoft Word). And lastly, open up and edit any file types such as .docx or PDF – not just one specific format like other programs may have limited support on (*cough* MS Office *Cough*)!

Google Workspace

Google Docs also has additional features for Google Workspace subscribers to chat, collaborate with others in a single document, and leave feedback through comments.

Google Workspace allows users to import their documents in any file format, track changes turned on or off when they are saved back to the original document. Documents can be exported as .docx, .pdf, etc., and undoing is done through version history at no cost.

Learn more about Google Workspace:

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This app is used to add people and share files. You can also save or open your documents on USB storage devices like a flash drive, as well as SD cards.

Google Docs App 1.21.322.03.45 Update

Bug fixes and performance improvements



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