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Google Keep is an app where you can capture anything on your mind and add notes, lists, photos to Google Keep. When pressed for time? Simply record a voice memo in the form of a reminder or task then it will transcribe so that all those important details are right at their fingertips! Share ideas with friends by editing them live together through this platform which makes sharing much easier than ever before – simply tap “share” when someone else has written something new worth sharing back into our community version called “Notes”.

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Manage your life like a pro!

It doesn’t stop there though because now we also have collaboration capabilities; plan surprise parties easily thanks to both its fast search function as well as group features allowing multiple people/organizations working simultaneously from one device without getting slowed down.

Organize and keep things in control

Google Keep is the perfect place for making lists and notes. It’s quick, simple to use with a wide range of features that can help you organize anything from your entire life in one app or just what needs writing down on those days where it feels like everything else has piled up too high!

Voice memos are available too

Google keep uses voice memos so no more recording yourself trying desperately not to get interrupted by someone else while doing an important task – instead, all they need are some words spoken clearly into their phone which will then be transcribed onto paper automatically without errors (as if we needed another reason why this thing existed). Plus there are also pictures stored inside themselves called “Papers”.

Label notes to point out important notes

Color and label code notes to quickly organize your thoughts. If you need to find something, just a search will turn it up!

Keep your work synced all the time

Keep all works on the phone or tablet that has syncs across any device so ideas are always accessible wherever life takes you.


Google Keep on the web at 

Google Keep is available on Chrome Web Store at

Permissions Required

Permissions are required to attach images from your camera roll or contacts list so you can quickly reference them on the go. You also have access to Microphone for audio, Location allows setting and firing location-based reminders when alerts are triggered by motion sensors in proximity to certain areas – perfect if someone bumps into something at home while they’re away! Storage gives users an easy way of adding attachments like articles that were saved locally but don’t necessarily need saving immediately right then & there; these will be stored until it suits them better before being permanently moved elsewhere.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists App 5.21.361.07.40 Update

The new update contains bug fixes and performance improvements.


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