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Google Meet keeps you connected without any disruptions or distractions since everything is recorded for later viewing if needed. Meet with up to 250 people safely and easily, regardless of your location.

Video meetings are now even more safe and convenient with Vidyo. You can host large meetings with up to 250 participants, whether they’re in the same team or outside of your organization!

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Easy and Fast

Google Meet sets the bar high for team collaboration with a simple and easy way to set up meetings, share documents in real-time, engage in discussions without interrupting anyone by using polling or hand-raising options. Presenters can easily access any device they want to use from their computer or mobile phone within seconds of joining. All participants are able to follow along effortlessly through live captions powered by Google speech technology which provides instantaneous translation across 50 languages worldwide.

Paid Version has its own perks

Want to start a meeting? You can with Google Meet, but some features are only available for users who pay.

With Google Workspace, you and your team can enjoy helpful features like live captions, breakout rooms, noise cancellation to make meetings more productive. You’ll also be able to attend meetings on the go because it creates a dial-in phone number for each meeting so every guest can join even without wifi or data. Seamlessly jump into video calls from Chat while taking document collaboration up another level by connecting over video – everything ties together seamlessly in context.

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Not available in all Workspace plans.

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Google Meet App 2021.08.08.390218731.Release Update

Google Meet is launching several new features to make it easier for you to do larger group meetings. First up are real-time captions that automatically transcribe what your participants say into text on the screen. You can also dial in from international numbers now without having any white noise or other audio issues – just press the number and enter the PIN code when prompted! Finally, we’ve made some bug fixes around scheduling large conferences so they should be much more reliable than before.

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