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Google Photos is the perfect place to store all of your memories. It automatically organizes and categorizes them for you, making it easy to find what’s important in moments without any fuss or hassle! Your photos are backed up so that anything can happen whether they’re stored on-site at high quality (original), offsite with Google Drive cloud storage, or even uploaded into photo albums shared among friends & family members through a mobile app available now in App Store Apple iOs Android Market Place. 

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Save your memories forever!

Have you been wanting to back up your photos and videos, but don’t know how? Now there’s an easy way! With the official Google Photos app (for Android or iOS), all of those precious memories are safe in one place. You can get free storage with 15GB of space right now—backing up gets even easier when June 1 comes around next year so that won’t count against anything anymore either-and if it doesn’t feel like enough then just tap anywhere on any photo or video before then for removal from device memory entirely


Smart automatic albums to reminisce the moments 

So you just got back from a great trip and have tons of pictures. The smart automatic album helps automatically bring out the best in your photography with clever algorithms, then invites others to join in on this fun! You can also create movies or animations yourself using photos from all over–it’s like having an instant scrapbook without even leaving home (or work)!

Live albums

The next time you take a great photo of someone, feel free to give them the memory by sharing it on Google Photos. With smart sharing suggestions and easy integration between devices so they can view your albums too! Your friends will thank you for this awesome feature because now there are no more worries about who got Great Picture or What happened at X? The search function also helps; just type in something like “places” then select some landmarks nearby – boom!, all those places stored inside one place waiting patiently until we visit again (or Vice Versa).

It’s fast + powerful enough that not only do Live Albums automatically include photos taken while traveling abroad but also lets us filter results with specific criteria.


Google Lens 

With a few quick clicks, you can create stunning photo books that showcase your best moments. You’ll find the perfect one for every occasion on Google Lens—search by category or manually add captions and descriptions of scenes to share with friends easier! Share any photos instantly as well so they’re always accessible from anywhere at any time.

Shared Libraries

In addition: “Send them in seconds” if there are those times where sending an email just isn’t enough – send images straight through Gmail instead; grant others access rights now without needing their cooperation later (you never know when life will take over); sign up for Shared Libraries before these promotions end because once unlimited bandwidth expires after 3 months each plan costs extra amount of money.

Original quality photos and videos can be stored online with Google One. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US, while pricing may vary by region of purchase which is why it’s important to check before purchasing!


Google One Term of Service:

Google One Pricing:

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Some of the features are not available in all countries.

Google Photos App Update

The new update contains a storage management tool that surfaces photos or videos that you might want to delete.

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