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Google Play Services unlocks Augmented Reality (AR). This allows us to be able to explore our world like never before by seeing objects through devices built on Google’s interactive map technology which enables any viewer nearby those physical items access them virtually via their phone camera lens overlayed onto one another over top of where they exist physically-basically making it possible as if we were near them ourselves!

Virtual Tour all over the World

Google Play Services for AR is the backbone of much augmented reality (AR) experiences. With this service, you can unlock new features that provide an immersive experience with just a tap or click on your screen.

With ARCore you can scan your surroundings and overlay information on top of reality. You’ll be able to visit the Louvre museum virtually, or even have a virtual date with someone from Tinder!

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This service was previously known as ‘AR Core’. Install this app and unlock new ways to shop, learn, create- anything is possible when experienced together in augmented reality (AR). With ARCore you can scan your surroundings then overlay info about that place on top of what’s happening in real life. This technology will allow people who are miles apart still enjoy each other’s company via VR dating apps like Tinder; it also means we’ll get to see the world for free without having enough money saved up for expensive travel expenses.

Term of Service

Google is looking for new ways to engage its users, and they’ve found one in the form of a service that binds you. By agreeing to our Terms of Service (ToS) for this service, which will apply as well when using any other Google product/service we provide, you are giving us free rein over your data so long as it doesn’t violate some law or human right somewhere down the line. You agree not to be able to accept these ToS if there’s something about them that bothers you now but may change in time – needing updates isn’t an excuse!


Automatic updates ensure all apps are up to date and ready to use without having to do anything else!

Google Play Services for AR Apps has been updated to 1.26.212010323 and includes new features such as Bug fixes, improved compatibility with other apps, and better performance overall!

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