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Trust your writing to the Grammarly Keyboard and proofreader-a personal tool for editing, correcting grammar errors in all of your apps. The advanced features such as synonyms help you expand beyond just word choice while also enhancing vocabulary so that every sentence flows smoothly with impeccable clarity from start to finish!

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Correct the errors to sound more confident

Do you find yourself constantly checking your grammar when writing, reading, or speaking? Do the people around us tell us that they can’t understand what we are trying to say because of our mistakes in spelling and punctuation? Well, let’s stop this now! Grammarly is an amazing app that will save time by correcting all these errors for free with just one click from their gorgeous interface while also making sure it sounds as good on paper without any editing needed at home which means fewer stress levels guaranteed since everything has already been corrected before finally being shared out loud again so download today!

Improve your writing skills

The Grammarly keyboard not only has a spellchecker but also grammar rules and corrections for when you’re stuck. The swipe typing system will help improve your messaging skills so that quality is never sacrificed to post something quickly on social media or send out emails from the go!

A perfect tool that shows results in real-time

Edit, spell check and correct your writing in real-time. No more typos! The grammar is always perfect with this tool that checks every sentence for mistakes as you type it out on the screen so there’s no need to worry about making any grammatical errors whatsoever anymore:) Plus, these spelling correction tools will help avoid common word misuses which could reflect poorly upon one’s professionalism if not corrected early enough before they’re published or shared publicly online (like LinkedIn).

Your writing assistant

A perfect assistant for any writer! When you need a proofreader, but cannot find one who is qualified or willing to work with your schedule. Just input the dialect of English (American/British) and they will do all of that tedious correcting so that time lost due in writing can be saved at no cost whatsoever.

Real-time corrector

Taking good to great communication skills is easy with our advanced features, suggestions, and feedback. It will help you strike the right tone in every message – online or off-line! You’ll also have access to real-time corrections for any mistakes while making it easier than ever before on how much more vivid your vocabulary can become by simply using these impactful words that are only provided through this premium service.

Grammarly Premium Features

Premium features include enhanced vocabulary, clarity improvements to make the massage smoother and more interesting. Tone adjustments will help you sound smarter while word choice helps in choosing words that are appropriate for your audience member’s level of education/linguistic knowledge; from young professionals up through seniors!

 Grammarly keyboard

Writing can be an arduous task. It’s time-consuming, and quite frankly—writing is not fun! The Grammarly Keyboard was created to make your life easier by eliminating the need for tedious tasks that are often associated with it: copying text from one place then pasting into another; asking a friend or loved one if they could review what you’ve written before publishing online…the list goes on. With our new invention, there will no longer have any excuse as to why people write badly because their skills just aren’t up-to-par any more thanks to our revolutionary technology which corrects errors in grammar.


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Grammarly App Update

The new update features new languages and improvements to the keyboard. It also supports 28 different types of scripts now throughout the Asia Pacific Region.


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