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HA Tunnel Plus is a free, easy-to-use VPN app for all your devices that will keep you safe and secure at all times. With its straightforward interface, anyone can set it up in minutes so they are always protected when browsing from home or on public Wi-Fi!

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The app uses existing connection protocols such as SSH2 – which means both client & server traffic are protected by strong encryption (the very latest algorithm available). And because everything happens over either an open https://connection instead of traditional HTTP links this provides greater protection against manmade threats like malware injections, credential pitfalls, etc.

Customizable connection

Through the application, it is possible to customize your connection by injecting typed text at startup or setting up an SNI for handshaking with servers. This can be very useful when you are trying to bypass restrictions imposed by providers and networks that may otherwise block access in this manner.

Storage and transmission of data

The connection method settings are stored in an encrypted text file with the .hat extension. The information that was defined before exporting can be imported and used again when connecting to a new server, or transferred across for use on other computers via removable media like USB drives or CD-ROMs. 

Randomly generated ID

The randomly generated ID makes sure each user has their unique identifier so they’re not connected as “guests” without permission from another player’s console account holder (that would just suck).

Packet Filters

Did you know that it is possible to traffic any connection protocol TCP, UDP, or ICMP with a packet filter? This means no matter what application uses those protocols in its network packets (e.g., HTTP), they can all be filtered on your firewall and have their data sent directly through without being fragmented first!

The new update contains bug fixes, Ad unit corrections, reduced Ads frequency, and security patches.

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