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HideX is the most popular privacy lock and app hider. It’s disguised as a calculator, but with a password, you can enter into your private space behind it where all of those sneaky peeks are hidden from prying eyes! Trusted by 100 million users globally who want to keep their life safe in this digital era we’re living through now? That should tell ya something! With support for icon changing or cloud storage options like Dropbox so nothing gets lost forever if ever needed to be forgotten on accident.

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Hide your media files

You can easily set up your private calculator vault and store all types of files. Photos, pictures, or any type of media will be recognized automatically so you don’t have to worry about what’s been put inside!

Secure apps

App Hider & App Locker makes sure only approved apps are running when it comes time for business (or pleasure) with no more worries that there might not always be enough space left over after trying out new games from the Google Play Store.

Private Browser

The best way to protect yourself online is by using a VPN. It creates an encrypted connection channel between your device and HideX’s servers, which makes it impossible for anyone else but you to see what’s being viewed on-screen (or in this case downloaded). The private browser also comes equipped with its own set of benefits; acting as one less extension that needs managing when browsing privately through various platforms like Facebook or YouTube – so no need worry about losing track due to forgetting another add-on!

Your secrets are safe with this app

This photo vault and app hider is the perfect disguise. It’s a secret calculator that can change its icon frequently, so it looks like any other math-related function on your phone! Then when you’re done with all those pesky files or apps hidden away in there? Just choose which one to reveal to them at will – they’ll never guess what awaits behind closed doors (literally)!

Multiple Vault and Fake Vulture

The Multiple Vault and Fake Vulture helps you store more than one secret vault. You can create different passwords for each of your files, hide apps in fake calculator vaults or parallel space to protect yourself better from potential data breaches and break-ins! The Break-In Alert will notify the user if someone tries (unsuccessfully) to enter their personal information onto a specific device–whether it’s another person trying too hard while entering into other people’s stuff; somebody else hacking away at your electronic devices out there looking around. Or even just seeing what might’ve been left lying around by accident when someone walked past without paying attention.


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HideX: Calculator Photo Vault, App Lock, App Hider App Update

The new update contains some more secure and amazing features to hide your files more conveniently.


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