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Hill Climb Racing is a thrilling combination of distance and physics. The point of the game is to drive as far as possible while keeping your car from flipping over, killing you in the process. For some players, it’s about beating their high score; for others, it can be grueling trying not to get beaten by these laws of physics that seem inevitable when playing this addicting game!

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Wide Variety of Vehicles

In this racing game, you can choose from a wide variety of vehicles with different handling. From jeeps to motocross bikes and race cars to super offroaders – the choice is yours! To make your car faster or better equipped, pay coins collected during each playthrough or buy new ones if you have enough money.

Changeable Backgrounds

Hill Climb Racing is a very playable and fun game. The background of the game has simple cartoon-style scenery with different levels to accommodate all terrains: there are snow roads, moonscapes, mountains, sand roads, and so on. It’s also important for players to keep their car in check as it can easily turn over or run out of oil if they’re not careful enough!

Stunts and Tricks

If you can perform some difficult aerial stunts, your scores will be greatly improved. Also in the case of no damage to the vehicle, usually it’s about getting as high a score as possible by collecting gold and traveling far on journeys; but if that isn’t interesting enough for you then try out these fun tricks!

Let the Adventure Begin!

Unlocking the locked maps will test your abilities to transform a normal car into an invincible racing machine. You can use coins you collect on the way in five different scenes including Arctic, fields, desert, and moon for this purpose. There are also nine-game maps with thirteen vehicles that allow you to have a great time while playing it!

“Upgrade your vehicle to explore 5 environments. Share a screenshot of a high score with friends, or test how good you are at driving!”

Upgrade your vehicles to drive even further in the game. There are 27+ levels and 28 different types of cars!

Hill Climb Racing App 1.50.0 Update

All-new power-ups, jumbo tires, and bug fixes!


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