How to connect condenser mic to computer?

A condenser microphone is a microphone that uses a capacitor to amplify the sound it picks up. They are commonly used for recording music and other audio applications, but can also be used for live performances and interviews. The condenser microphone has a very low output impedance, so it’s ideal for recording instruments and vocals. Condenser microphones operate on phantom powers so you need a phantom power supply before you can connect a condenser microphone to a computer. 

To do that you should use a high-quality USB hub to power the USB cable to your USB port, and then use an XLR audio cable to connect the microphone make sure to turn on the phantom power button and use a pop filter and shock mount.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Purchase a high-quality USB hub.
  • Connect the hub to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Connect the microphone to the hub using an XLR audio cable.
  • Turn on the phantom power button on the microphone. 

An audio interface is what you need to connect a condenser mic to a computer. It has a built-in mixer and preamp, which is what you need to record your audio. You also need an audio cable to connect the condenser mic to the audio interface.

Connection of the microphone to the audio interface should be done before connecting it to a computer. First of all, connect the microphone to the audio interface and then turn on both the devices to adjust the input levels.

To connect a condenser mic to a computer:

  • Connect the audio cable to the condenser mic and the audio interface then turn on the audio interface and the computer.
  • Now open the audio interface’s mixer and click on the Output tab and then click the Mic button.
  • Click the Properties button, and then click the Channel tab and then click the drop-down arrow next to the Source port.
  • After that select, the mic Input. Then click the Properties button and select the Balance tab.
  • In the Balance slider, adjust the balance until the audio is equal on both channels.
  • At last click the OK button to save your changes.

When you are done with connecting the audio interface and all, go to the settings of your PC (after the microphone has been connected to the computer). From desktop settings, go to SYSTEM and then proceed to SOUND settings. In SOUND settings, select INPUT, and in the CHOOSE YOUR INPUT DEVICE list, you have to select the microphone you have connected to the computer. After it is connected, select the TEST YOUR MICROPHONE option from the SOUND settings and look for the blue bars that denote the sound waves of your voice as you speak in the microphone.

To sum it all up, you just have to choose the right condenser microphone that is compatible with your computer and audio interfaces to get the job done!

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