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HP Smart App is a powerful tool that can help you print, scan and share files anywhere with your HP printer. This app connects to the internet for files to be transmitted back and forth between each other or even directly from one device’s storage area like phones!

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Print anywhere!

It has features such as Print Anywhere which allows users access their jobs no matter where they happen – whether this means at home on an office desk; abroad while traveling overseas; or simply when out running errands throughout town because there are so many opportunities available now thanks exclusively these days through smartphones alone.

Manage and share your files instantly

HP Smart App makes it easy to print, scan, copy and share files from any mobile device. It also allows you to manage or order supplies while getting support for your printer in one place through their app!

Cloud storage

With all these features included within the application itself as well as access from cloud storage accounts like Dropbox; there isn’t much more that needs improvement on a customer’s end except maybe learning how best to use this amazing tool at hand before they even get started using it’s powerfully themselves!

Mobile Fax

With the new mobile fax feature, you can send secure faxes from your phone with ease.

Smart Tasks

With Smart Tasks you can customize one-touch shortcuts and access printable crafts, cards, or learning activities for free. You’ll be more productive than ever before!

Supported printers and more information


HP Smart App Update

The updated version contains minor enhancements and bug fixes for a better app experience.


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