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Ibis Paint X is a smartphone-based app that has been downloaded more than 150 million times and contains 2700 materials. It also provides 800 fonts, 2000 brushes, 46 screen tones, 75 filters,27 blending modes, and recording capabilities. In addition to this ibis Paint X offers Radial Line rulers or Symmetry rulers which can stabilize strokes while drawing as well as clipping mask features where users can customize what they see in their images through one of three masks: “include,” exclude,” or “masking brush.”

For Tutorials

Many tutorial videos on ibis Paint are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

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Never worry about the size or shape of paper again. With Sketchbook on your iPad, you’ll be able to experience a new level of drawing freedom with our innovative features designed specifically for mobile use! You can create beautiful illustrations in over 150 layers and an infinite number of tools that are just as powerful as those available on desktop apps like Photoshop CC. Plus, there’s no need to struggle through complicated menus – everything is accessible at your fingertips thanks to quick-access shortcuts and gestures so even beginners will feel confident using them right away!



Ibis Paint is the perfect app for those who love to draw and share their artwork with others! There are a variety of features that suit any type of artist. It has high functionality as both drawing tools, along with sharing tools that let you interact in other user’s drawings or even create your own.

  • Brush feature

With more than 2000 different brushes, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your drawing or painting. From pens and pencils to oil paintbrushes and charcoal, there’s a brush here that will suit any style of artistry. With easy sliders at your fingertips, these features allow you to tweak opacity and thickness with ease to get just the right look without sacrificing time!

  • Layer feature

With the use of layers, you can create complex images by stacking different elements with unlimited precision. Layer parameters include layer opacity and alpha blending for each layer to give your work a more realistic touch! Clipping is also possible with this app’s handy clipping feature which allows you to clip any image or object in place without affecting its appearance on other layers below it. You’ll be able to change colors easily using various commands such as duplication, importing from the photo library, horizontal/vertical inverting either one single-sided or both sides at once; rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise), moving around within the page space while zooming out/in are all available options too!

  • SonarPen

SonarPen’s microphone will only collect sound data when it detects the pen is being used or will be in use. The collected audio signal is never saved, sent to any other location but Sonarpen, and for communication with your device through a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Please contact ibis Paint support with questions or bug reports. You can get more information about the history and rights of our app on the website.

Purchase Plan

Ibis Paint is a new app that lets you create your art, whether it be with the fantastic array of colors to choose from or by using their unique pen and brush tool. The following purchase plans are available: ibis Paint X (free version), ibis Paint (USD 1.99) which has no ads in return for paying, Remove Ads Add-on($0.99USD one-time payment/purchase plan), Prime Membership – Monthly Plan ($4 month/$49 yearly)(which includes access to all premium features).

There is no difference in features other than the presence or absence of advertisements for ibis Paint’s free version and paid version. The ads will not be displayed if you purchase a Remove Ads Add-on, making it look like the same software as their much more expensive counterparts! For even greater functionality (such as live painting), this Prime Membership contract may work best.

Prime membership

It’s easy to get your work noticed with Prime Membership. Now you can use all the features of a prime member, including access to our extensive library of materials and fonts, tone curve filter for adjusting colors without affecting other tones like brightness or contrast; gradation map that blends two color ranges into one new range in between them; clouds filters perfect for creating peaceful backgrounds from scratch! Not only will you be free from ads but we’ll even let you reorder artworks in My Gallery so they’re easier to find later on.

30-Day Trial

If you’re looking for a way to save money, the Prime Membership is perfect. Sign up with our 30-day trial and enjoy premium features without paying anything! After your free trial has ended, we’ll let you know about any future fees so that there are no surprises.


Upgrade and improvement

Ibis Paint had a recent update to their app on August 4th, 2021. The new version 9.1.0 included features such as “Find Edges (Handwriting)” in the Adjust Color category and added Fill with Current color for Double type brushes!

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