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Imo is a free, simple, and faster video call & instant messaging app. With this software, you can send text or voice messages too! Imo has been designed to be as easy to use for everyone so that it’s available no matter what your phone type may be. You don’t need a WiFi connection because the best part about imo is that there are NO CHARGES if you call someone who also uses this amazing product on their smartphone device—what could make things more convenient than not having any worries of data charges while being able to talk with friends?

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Improved features

  • Group Video & Audio Chats

A new way to keep in touch with your people! Group video chats of up to 20 members can be enjoyed live, conference rooms for online meetings are possible and send large size videos or documents as you like. Perfect for throwing an online party or working from home.

Why you should choose imo?

Say goodbye to sky-high phone bills! Imo is the best messaging app for iOS and Android. It’s free, so you don’t need a monthly bill or plan. You can message your friends through text messages, audio messages (voicemail), video chats with up to 8 people at once— including Facebook Messenger without having their number on speed dial) and share photos all from one convenient chat window!

  • Fast sharing

The app provides the fastest and most efficient way to share your multimedia content with others. You can also create voice messages, send other types of files or documents (.DOC. MP3 – etc.), and get creative by adding text captions in any language you know!

  • Interactive interface

The application is an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly post their photos as well as videos on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. The best part about this multifaceted platform is that it’s free for all Android devices; iOS coming soon™

  • Free International Calls

Now you can call all of your friends and family from any country for free! You’ll never have to worry about roaming charges or expensive long-distance rates ever again. Get crystal clear video chats with HD quality so that FaceTime has nothing on us!

imo is the best way to stay in touch with loved ones no matter where they are, whether it’s across town or halfway around the world. With our service provider, there will be absolutely no cost associated when speaking internationally – making every conversation a potential opportunity for an amazing story-filled experience.

  • Fun with emoticons

Enjoy group chats up to 100,000 members with powerful features such as large video and document sharing. Powerful also includes free emotional stickers!

imo is the best messaging app for chatting with your friends about anything in the world that interests you from a platform of over 1 billion people worldwide. Send hundreds of different types of emoticons using just one tap on any message bubble – or even better -get creative by creating custom messages through our emoji builder tool- then share them all at once so everyone can get their daily dose of happiness together!

  • Compatibility

Bringing people together from all over the world is easier than ever with imo messenger. The fully accessible messaging app lets you keep in touch on your Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices anywhere anytime. With instant access to see all of your messages, as well as calls and multimedia, sharing straight from your desktop or tablet device, there’s no reason to stop communicating just because you’re halfway around the globe!

  • Customized profiles

We’re here to help you enhance your data traffic usage efficiency with customized profiles and save more money. Get started today by choosing a cool avatar, music theme, or background from our selection of over 500 choices!

  • Syncing the contacts

Log in with your phone number and find friends in minutes! With imo for Android, you can just log in by using a mobile device. No need to remember any usernames or passwords: it’s that easy!

imo Cloud

You’ll never miss a notification with imo Cloud! It’s the first-ever cloud-based messenger that syncs all of your messages and files to free up space on your phone.

  • Other fun features

The new update is making it so easy to meet like-minded users and make friends. The chat feature on the app makes communicating with other people a breeze, plus you can always find out what’s happening from your favorite channels in real-time by following them! Plus there are tons of features that will probably change how we use social media forever–all coming soon as part of this big release!

International calls from the comfort of your home or office with imo Out! Lower rates, no expensive fees, and subscription for each call. Get better deals on international calling to landlines and mobile phones by downloading this app now. For more information visit:


Version 2021.08.1051 of the IMO App released on August 10th is not just a list of updates, it’s so much more! We’ve made network improvements and call feature enhancements to make your experience with us even better than before – right in time for school starting back up again soon!

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