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How would you like to have access to millions of jobs and applications? With the new app, “Indeed,” it is possible. In addition, this site has features that make finding your perfect job easy! The interface allows users free posting or searching by proximity so don’t waste time going out into traffic when there are plenty within walking distance from home; also if someone applies for an open position through one’s profile they will get notified automatically which means less time spent emailing these inquirers back about positions not being open yet.

Finding a job is hard. That’s why we created the app that can help you through every step of your search, from finding to apply!

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Tailored searches

You’re in control with our innovative features like tailored searches by company and location so it always shows what’s relevant for YOU – not just any old person on Indeed who could be looking too–and explore new jobs suggested specifically just because they caught YOUR eye!?

Stay updated and aware

Find your dream job with this personal resume box, which makes it easy to keep track of the jobs you’ve applied for and visited. Simply add them as favorites or update any information on file like contact info so that employers can find you! You can also create alerts for specific company openings by interested in working there? This is a great way to stay updated about opportunities without having dozens clogging up your inbox every day.

Career Guide

Ready to get started? Start by checking out the Career Guide for all of your research needs. This free resource is full of reviews and salary information on companies in different industries so that you can make better decisions when applying or interviewing – like knowing what others are reporting as their experience with this company!

An easy and convenient way to find a job

Job seekers are in luck! There is an easy way to apply for jobs from your mobile device. First, log in to Indeed Resume with a Google Authenticator or other third-party login app that allows you access only when needed. Then simply enter the employer’s website and click on “Apply.” You can customize each message by typing something like “Hi there!” before adding anything else as desired such as the name of the position they’re hiring at company X within the Y industry category etc., then hitting send button once the complete application has been submitted successfully—you’ll see how quickly this process goes once everything has gone through without error.

The idea of this app is simple: find a job and get paid to do what you like. The best part? It’s free!

Our data tells us that users are searching for jobs on Indeed and then applying in their spare time. There’s no other way to get a job than through this site, so we need all of your personal information if you want an interview!


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Indeed Job Search App 79.0 Update

The updated version contains bug fixes. And now you can add a widget to your screen too.



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