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Infinite Painter App is the digital edition of a unique painting experience that lets you bring your imagination to life. You can create beautiful works with any subject and in any style, even if it’s complicated or abstract—and there are no annoying advertisements!

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Unlimited options

Imagine being able to express yourself through art on demand; having limitless options for what kind of brushes/paint colors (infinite); not have anyone telling how good or bad something looks like…Infinite Painter just does this better than anything else out there by providing everything an artist needs without hassles from other apps trying too hard to be “complete”.

Incredible range of tools

The new Infinite Painter app is an advancement in the world of painting apps. With its incredible brush engine, it’s no wonder this title has become so popular among artists and illustrators alike! With 160+ natural presets to choose from as well as intuitive tools like Changing Size Easily, and much more.

Photoshop blend modes

The Infinite Painter app is packed with features that will take your artwork to the next level. You can experiment with four types of symmetry, layers, and Photoshop blend modes for an endless variety of design possibilities! You’ll have access to five different perspective guides as well as selection or clipping masks depending on what you need- it’s all there waiting just a tap away at your fingertips!

Sketch and Blend

Infinite Painter App is the best app to have when working on your next painting project. It features an easy-to-use interface, well-organized workflows that can be done in three different ways: Paint – where you’ll find all your tools; Sketch and Blend (for creating sketches using blending modes).


Clone allows users to turn photos into paintings using various editing functions such as adjusting color or adding filters, etc.

Transform tool

The Infinite Painter App is a user-friendly design that allows you to transform multiple layers simultaneously. The Transform Tool lets users translate, scale, and rotate their artwork in 3D space with ease while creating seamless patterns throughout the entire work process: from painting directly onto an image or canvas for example – all without having any artistic skill whatsoever!

Liquify tool and Gradient Fill

With over 20 unique tools available including Liquify tool which can be used on various parts of an object at once; Gradient Fill feature allowing artists greater control when designing color schemes using both colors selected from within presets as well as custom ones made by adjusting darkness along its hue spectrum.

‘Favorite tool section’ for better access

Move favorite tools from the sidebar menu at the top right corner for quicker access instead of scrolling through them every time one needs those specific utilities.

Sharing and saving the designs

There are two ways to import and export your designs. You can either use Photoshop’s built-in features, or you could take advantage of all that Infinite Painter has in store for those who want more control over their workflows by downloading the app on iOS (iPhone), Android device(s) running OS2ICS Mobile Design Studio Edition 2+.

The first option is importing images from other sources such as Gallery or Camera roll; these will be added directly into layers within PSD format if they follow this standard native file naming convention.

Learn more

You can learn more about the app at

Infinite Painter App 6.6.1 Update

The new update includes more filter layers, bug fixes, and stability improvements.




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