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The Intune Company Portal Application lets you access corporate apps and resources from almost any network. Your company must already subscribe to Microsoft, so your IT admin sets up a new account for you before using this app!

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Working from home made easier

The best way to take advantage of this offer is with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy. You can enroll in just about any corporate resource on your device and install company apps that will be available only for employees who bring their own devices!

With access through both remote wipe or un-enrollment, you’re sure not to lose anything important if something were ever lost/broken – there’s no need to go out into the office every day when they could do everything remotely from home instead.

Restrictions and access

Intune is a great way to manage your employees’ mobile devices, but it does come with some restrictions. Although Intune can be used in any country that Microsoft offers services (at this time).

Certain countries may not have access depending on if they offer IT support for their employees or just provide networking infrastructure like bandwidth and wireless connections – meaning there would need an additional provider such as AT&T who provides those features rather than only providing internet service providers.

Uninstallation of the App

If you’re looking to remove the app, there are a few steps that need to be followed.

First, of all, we’ll want to un-enroll with Intune so it doesn’t automatically show up in their mobile software as installed apps do when they try and install new ones onto personal phones or tablets used at work (which might not always have been given HR approval).

The best way for this would depend entirely on if one is subscribed digitally versus being set up through an IT department/salesforce integration partner deployed internally within respective businesses – but either option works here!

Directions to unenroll:

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