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Likee is the first application of its kind that allows you to create original short videos, produce high-quality live streams and share them with others. With features such as powerful video effects for a professional look in seconds or use your footage if desired! Likee has made it easier than ever before- all without having expensive camera equipment set up at home because they come equipped right inside this app so there are no more bulky cables getting in between what should be easy breezy moments like makeup tutorials.

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Trending content

You can also search through trending topics based on popularity rankings including but not limited too: beauty products reviews, cooking shows, how-to guides books, recommendations movies, gameplay, etc.

We are a popular video platform that has over 100 million users worldwide. People choose Likee for fun, self-expression, and friends making with our various cool effects to help you make videos in little effort!

Wide range of cool content

There’s a whole library of cool and creative videos you can make with Video Mix. You don’t need any expertise because SuperMix is here! With Face Morph, Astral Traveling, or even cutting yourself into the mix to create an interesting effect for your viewers – there are so many options that it would be hard not to find one (or two) right away where we each our favorite style(s). 

Community of content creators

Join the millions of talented bloggers, vloggers, and video creators who have already joined Likee! Follow your favorite creators to stay up-to-date with all their latest posts. You can also chat live in one place or make friends through this interactive community – it’s free!

Express yourself!

You can now go live, express yourself to the world and gain fans with Likee! Go on likee for a variety of features such as Live PK (which is fun), fan club videos where your favorite singers interact with you in real-time from their bedrooms or studios. Or if it’s just about being glammed up then there are gift exchanges available too so sign-up today before someone else gets first dibs on this amazing app that has been gaining traction.

Discover yourself and find your voice

Find your voice, be heard. With the power of Likee in your hands, you can create anything and everybody will listen! Join our community today for an exclusive membership where we’ll show it’s not only what people like but why they love it so much too- because with every Like there are 10 different reasons as to why this person cares about their favorite things and now explore all these great features that make us who we truly want ourselves.


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Facebook: @likeeappofficial

Likee – Let You Shine App 3.73.0 Update

The new update contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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