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Get ready to be creative, dress up your avatar, and create the background of your dreams! Lily Diary is a fun app where you can decorate avatars in any way that suits them. You are free to save these personalized outfits for later use or share them with friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There’s also plenty of storage space so even if things get busy it’ll still help keep everything organized — just don’t forget about pretty animations such as Mirror & Layer Switch (which lets you see what clothes would look like from different angles) and Drag & Drop which makes organizing easier than ever before by letting users easily move items around without having to resort to deleting anything they might not want anymore!

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Do you love to create your characters and backgrounds? If so, then this is the perfect app for you! With hundreds of cute avatars and background themes at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to make a truly unique character or scene. Share them on social media with friends who are feeling creative too!


Data saved to your device can be deleted if you delete the game, but in-app purchase data is stored on Google servers. You will not lose this data when re-installing or restoring a previously purchased item! If installation fails for some reason and items are missing that have been bought with your account information from before, there’s an easy way to get them back: just go into Settings → Apps → Play Store → Storage (under Device) and tap Clear Data & Cache.


Lily Diary App 1.3.1 Update

Lily Diary has released a new update to their popular diary app! This newest version includes two free in-app items: the “Sketch” feature and a sticker pack. Give it a download today for your favorite mobile device or tablet, on both iOS as well as Android platforms!

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